I began going to see Delaree when I noticed my daughter's eyelashes looked so amazing!  Her secret?  Delaree!!!   Now I have long beautiful lashes too and do not even have to wear mascara!   I tried Delaree after seeing my daughter and I am loving the results.  Strangers actually stop me to comment on how amazing my eyes look!  I'm loving it and can't wait to go back and try a facial!.  S. Susan R

Cute lounging area with great products. Really nice room with a soft, cozy, bed/chair for the treatments. Delaree gave a wonderful facial! Will definitely come back! I have no complaints!
Paisley P

Delaree is a total pro! I had the best facial of my life (even with some extractions...I barely noticed the discomfort). I didn't know exactly what type of facial I wanted when I made my appointment, but she tailored her treatment to meet the needs of my skin. She managed to deliver both results and relaxation; not an easy task! I have very sensitive skin that reddens easily, but I had very minimal irritation following my facial 
( I normally have to hide out for at least 12 hours following a facial, but I was able to go to dinner an hour later without looking like I had anything done). 

I am in my late twenties and felt confused about how to care for my skin. Delaree treated my clogged pores and subtle fine lines simultaneously. She is an excellent communicator who ensured that I felt comfortable throughout the treatment. 

After my treatment, Delaree provided me with several samples of products but did not do the "hard sell" routine that I have experienced at other spas. I purchased some excellent products that have greatly improved the tone and clarity of my skin, but I felt no pressure to do so.

Overall, I would recommend Delaree to anyone!
Mary H

Today's facial and microdermabrasion was exactly what I needed for my winter skin!  Delaree made my skin glow without irritation.  LOVED it!
Cassie P

I've been living in NYC for the last few years and unable to be a regular with Delaree which caused my skin to be a mess. Today I got back in to see her and I feel better already. My eyebrows were starting to look like a jungle and she's fixed them all up. 

My skin has been really dry lately because of the weather and she put a pomegranate/cranberry peel felt and SMELLED wonderful. I wish I could take that scent with me everywhere. 
I am happy and hydrated. Sasha P

I have always been prone to breakouts, and then recently it started getting worse so I looked up a few local places on yelp. Luckily, I found Epic Skin! I had never gotten a facial before because I was scared that it would make my skin worse. But after my first facial at Epic Skin I was hooked! I would never go anywhere else for a facial. Not only is Delaree very knowledgeable, and great at what she does, she is very sweet. I have been going back roughly every week to clear up my acne and acne scars and have seen a huge improvement. She also recommended some great skin care products that I have purchased and love. The prices are very affordable and I think everyone should check this place out at least once! Casey B

I bought a Groupon deal for microdermabrasion. I had never had it done and the deal was a great price so why not? I bought a package of six and i have had two so far. Delaree is outstanding! The procedure itself feels a little like sandpaper on my skin but somehow the whole process is so relaxing that I almost fall asleep in the treatment room. 

My skin look so good! I never thought I needed something like this done until I  actually had it done. I used to get a lot of dead skin cells around my nose area. They would accumulate and I noticed it when I would apply my makeup. I just thought that was the way my skin was supposed to look! Errrr....WRONG! Now I know how pretty my skin can look when I take the proper care of it. 

I love Delaree and i plan to become a regular client. 

Parking is street parking and lot around corner so not so bad!
Denise B


I always thought facials were more of a novelty and a waste then real results.  I would always choose the massage over a facial any day...

I am here to say I was really wrong:  Twice I have come to Delaree, my skin a acne hormonal picked mess and both times she has totally fixed me.  I mean instant results within 72 hours after her treatments my skin was almost great again.

The self esteem boost after getting her facials is worth it enough for me, she's got me on a program now and I am so excited.  I truly believe I can have amazing skin now! Audra.

Simply. The. Best.  Today was my first experience and I loved it!  I've been to many before; some good, some not, but this girl is great!  Really good facial. She's smart and knows what works best for your skin. I'll be going regularly now. Vicky B

Originally found Delaree through groupon/living social and was VERY happy with my results. I live about 30-40 min away so didn't continue for a little while until my schedule became available again. My skin became congested again so I couldn't wait to come back. I've been to her 4 times and already my skin is 75% better! She is totally worth the drive and does a great job! All I have to do is tell her what's bothering me about my skin and she goes to town with whatever she thinks is best and my skin is happy :) Thanks Delaree! Jessica B

I am extremely pleased with my first facial treatment and recommend Delaree (owner) for those interested in a professional facial. Delaree is collaborative in her approach; she assessed my skin, LISTENED, and recommended options.  Then the treatment began!  Throughout the treatment, I felt relaxed, confident and the final result is the proof.  I'll be back to this little oasis in Newport Beach!

Rose R

It is a very small cozy place, that I immediately thought to call a "zen den," Lol!  Super welcoming. I immediately felt at ease and extremely relaxed. 

Delaree is a very nice soft spoken lady with beautiful skin! I cant tell you how many estheticians I have been to have yucky skin, and I wonder why I am paying them :) 

The facial was really really good. She reads your skin and really does a custom facial. She is very detailed oriented and thorough. Her bed was so freaking comfortable. My skin looked and felt great during and after.  Epicuren, Dermaquest etc. All great products

Best part was her PRICING WOW! A reasonably priced facial by an expert estheticians in Newport beach! Who knew?! Highly recommend!  High quality and high value!  Audra R