Acne Treatment


Face Reality Acne Treatment Consultation & Treatment $95

Series of six treatments $450

Your acne struggles are over. The Face Reality Acne Treatment is a proven system that has cleared troubling acne for thousands of clients without the use of drugs!

Proven Strategies for Treating Acne

Clearing acne and maintaining healthy attractive skin is a process. It is what happens at home that makes the difference in your skin – even more than what happens in the clinic. At Perfect Vous, we work hard to make sure you are doing the right things for your skin condition and skin type at home, and we make sure you have the right products available to you.

We begin with your initial consultation. Because the better you understand what acne is, the more clearly you will understand how to become free of it. We will also talk about your individual concerns, and how your particular lifestyle may be affecting your condition. While you didn’t do anything to cause your acne, you may be doing things that are making it harder to clear your skin. And we want to help you understand those blocking factors. We will also examine and test your skin to identify your exact skin type and determine the type of acne you have. With this information, we will be able to provide a home treatment protocol designed just for you. You are part of the solution, and 75% of getting clear is will be based on the daily care you give your skin. If you are ready to proceed, we will treat your skin and proscribe the required home care products. Product pricing varies depending on your particular needs and range from $150 to $200 for a two to three month supply.